CyberCube’s mission is to deliver the world’s leading cyber risk analytics.

We enable society to make better decisions about which digital risks to avoid, mitigate or insure as internet-connected technologies change the nature of risk in the 21st century. 

Our cyber risk analytics are designed exclusively for the insurance industry, with the aim to enable profitable growth of the cyber insurance market.

With our Need to Know: Cyber Risk for Insurance Professional course, you’ll develop the skills to independently access exposure and form a view of risk. This course is designed

For the insurance professional who is embarking on a new journey in cyber insurance.



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Skill Level



Course Duration

6-8 hours



What is ‘Cyber”?

In this module, we’ll introduce you to the fundamentals of cyber risk and address why it is an important risk for the insurance industry. We’ll also discuss the scale of cyber risk today and what it could look like in the future.



The Cyber Insurance Marketplace

What does the cyber insurance marketplace look like? This module outlines the size and shape of the global cyber insurance market. We will address categories and coverages, clauses, exclusions, policy terms and touch on some of the legislation impacting cyber exposures around the world



Introduction to the Cyber Threat Landscape

This module touches on the cyber threat landscape. It will introduce you to some of the threat actors, highlight the different types of attack and provide examples of the damage that they can cause.



Deep-dive: Ransomware

In your first deep-dive module we will help you to understand what ransomware is and the basics of how it operates, as well as some common misconceptions. There will be a focus on delivery methods and mitigation, as well as defense practices.



Deep-dive: Demystifying the Darkweb & Cyber Attack as a Service

In our second deep-dive course, we aim to help you understand and identify the types of attacks and structure of the ecosystem that is Cyber Attack as a Service (CAaaS). We’ll help you identify the players and motivations of actors and buyers.



Deep-dive: The Cloud

By completing this module you should be able to define ‘The Cloud’, identify common cloud services which businesses increasingly rely on and understand the pros and cons of using such services. We’ll examine how reliance on the cloud is expected to change and grow and highlight some of the cyber risks associated with its usage.



Portfolio Risk Analysis and Quantification

This module will start to address how cyber risk is modeled for the insurance industry and how cyber differs from other natural catastrophe modeling methodolgies. It highlights loss types and actuarial pricing methodology and aims to demonstrate how to make decisions based on model outputs.

Meet all the experts who contributed to this course

Our deep bench of experts from data science, security, threat intelligence, actuarial science, software engineering and insurance share their knowledge to help you to make better decisions about cyber insurance.

Pascal Millaire

CEO of CyberCube

Jenna McGrath

Cyber Economist at CyberCube

John Anderson

Client Services Manager at CyberCube

Jacob Tapper

Actuarial Analyst at CyberCube

Max Sokolov

Head of Engineering, Estonia, at CyberCube

Charlotte Anderson

Cyber Risk Analyst at CyberCube

Rebecca Bole

Head of Industry Engagement at CyberCube

Darren Thomson

Head of Cyber Security Strategy at CyberCube

Audrey Vanderoost

Marketing Project Manager at CyberCube

Oli Brew

Head of Client Services at CyberCube

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