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Our deep bench of experts from data science, security, threat intelligence, actuarial science, software engineering and insurance share their knowledge to help you to make better cyber insurance decisions.

Souki Chadid

Principal Client Product Advisor at CyberCube

Jenna McGrath

Cyber Economist at CyberCube

Alejandro Sauter

Cyber Risk Analyst at CyberCube

Jacob Tapper

Actuarial Analyst at CyberCube


CEO of CyberCube

John Anderson

Client Services Manager at CyberCube

Darren Thomson

Head of Cyber Security Strategy at CyberCube

Oli Brew

Head of Client Services at CyberCube

Max Sokolov

Head of Engineering, Estonia, at CyberCube

Charlotte Anderson

Cyber Risk Analyst at CyberCube

Rebecca Bole

Head of Industry Engagement at CyberCube

Audrey Vanderoost

Marketing Project Manager at CyberCube